Grammar: The government is said to be concerned.

Hi everyone,

I watched TV news today and heard the reporter said the following:

“The government is said to be concerned.”

How about if I said “the government said to be concerned”.

What tense have been used for these two sentences?


Hello Rikatang,

Removing the word “is” changes the tense, the voice and the meaning of the sentence.

The government is said to be concerned.

“Is said” is a present tense passive form. That sentence means this:

  • People say that the government is concerned.


The government said to be concerned.

“Said” can only be interpreted as the simple past tense in the active voice in your second sentence. Thus, the meaning would basically be this:

  • The government told us that we should be concerned.


By the way, there is also a typo in the title of your thread. The word grammar is spelled with two As. :wink:

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Hi Esl expert,

Thank you for your explanation and correction on my English writing.

Hi Rikatang,

Please read this: grammer vs. grammar and this: What is a meaningful message title and why is it important?

After that please change the title of this post.

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He was tired because he was exercising so hard.

He was tired because he had been exercising so hard.

please someone help me
How do I differentiate between the two sentences؟؟؟؟


In this sentence:

  • the ‘being tired’ and the ‘exercising’ are taking place at the same time.

In this sentence:

  • the’ being tired’ is a result of the ‘exercising’ he had done before he was tired.