Grammar question: No vs. Not


Please read:

  1. This use is not common.
  2. This use is no common.
  3. This use is not naturel.
  4. This use is no naturel.

I think all are correct. Is this right?If not, what is teh rule?


Dear teacher,

In your opinion,in this case, we can’t use no+adj.
So, why we can say:

1.If you’re no better, call me. (better: adj)
=If you aren’t better, call me.

2.This book is no more expensive than that one. (more: adv)
=This book isn’t expensive than that one.

But we can’t say:

3.This use is no common. (common: adj)
4.He runs no fast. (fast:adv)

Pleas explain me and tell me a rule.


It’s possible to use no with an adjective if:

  • the adjective is comparative (as in your new examples)
  • the adjective precedes a noun (We have no common ground.)

Comparative form:

4.He runs no faster now than he did last year.

Dear teacher,

1.It’s only possible to use no with an adverb if:

  • the adverb is comparative
  • the adverb precedes a noun (2)

So, I can’t write: He runs no fast.
But I have to write: He runs no faster now than he did last year.

Is this statement right?

2.Could you give me an example with (2)



You wrote:

2.Could you give me an example with (2) [color=blue]No, you should give ME an example and tell me why you decided to change what I wrote about adjectives.

Here is my example:

Please see the above question. (above: adv)


Above has basically only one usage as an adjective and you have found it, Quoc.

Hi Quoc,

I would ask you firstly to read carefully the explanations you are being given and secondly to take to heart the advice you have been given repeatedly to refer to text, to context. What is happening is that you are indulging in a sort of personal answer service and that is really of no use to other users of the forum. Do you understand what I am saying?