Grammar question: -ing and to participles

Hello , anybody there :wink: ?
I neeeeeed help with these -ing and to participlesā€¦ um, where could I find the rules for application and exercises so i could easily learn them online 8) and not have to go thru my boring grammar book :roll: (that contains no helpful exercises of whatsoever).


You might find this diverting:


Thank you! i havenĀ“t read the complete story but i guess it will help once i figure out the pattern and verbs which to use with those participlesā€¦I donĀ“t quite understand the difference because my language doesnĀ“t have such constructionsā€¦ are they linked to passive voice? and if they are, when I am changing active into passive should i shift the tense too? I honestly donĀ“t understand the construction of ā€œing and to-participlesā€ā€¦ :roll: Or am I just complicating things which are actually simple:?:

Do you have some answers/explanations on this? ( My exam is in two daysā€¦ :wink: )