Grammar problem

I am trying to solve this multiple choice questions, please help me.

Q1. A test with all the answers is at the back of the book.
Is this a correct answer and is there any explanation on how this could be the answer.
Why can’t we use either A. All the answers to the test B. All tests and answers

Q2. There is not a lot of money left in the bank.
Insted of A. There are B. There be

Thank you


Q1. You cannot use options A or B because the given verb is ‘is’ (singular) not ‘are’ (plural). Answers / tests and answers indicates the plural.
‘A test’ is singular so this is the only option which matches the verb.

Q2. Money is uncountable. Uncountable nouns take the singular form, so again you need ‘is’ not ‘are’. ‘Be’ is the root verb but the 3rd person conjucations are ‘is/are’ so ‘be’ is incorrect too.