Grammar ok? (He has to sleep before eleven o’clock, etc.)

Is my grammar fine?


He has to sleep before eleven o’clock.
He has a lot of money
That shop has the cheapest things in town

We laughed because his joke was very funny.
The boy laughed quietly
Everyone laughed at the joke

Where are they going tomorrow?
James and I are trying to catch the bird
We are shifting to a new house next week

Are you visiting me tomorrow?
Are you interested in buying the house?
When are you going to order the pizza?

Mother was washing the clothes just now.
He was driving his car at top speed
John was a banker, but now he has retired.

He picked up the phone when it rang
When the fire alarm rang, everyone in the building ran downstairs
The alarm clock rang few times today


The clothes are in the washing machine.
The cake is in the fridge
No one is in the house

He ordered a large pizza for his dinner.
John owns a house in an island
He is a very smart boy


Those bags over there are expensive.
Those t-shirts belongs to you
Those singers were popular two decades ago

Interrogative pronoun

What was she doing upstairs just now?
What time is it now?
What is your favorite food?

Very good, Solomon. These are my corrections:

He has to go to sleep before eleven o’clock.
We are moving to a new house next week.
The alarm clock rang a few times today.
John owns a house on an island. (But ‘a’ is not a preposition; it is an article)