Grammar/ 'long since' Would you help me again please? Thank you.

Hi all of you,

Are the following sentences correct?

  • The truth has long since been revealed.

  • Casanova at the end of his life, shouting to his maid: 'I was killed in Vienna, I was killed in Russia, I was killed in Poland and you must have thought that I was long since dead, didn’t you? (ofcourse, the the killings were all rumours, because he died a natural death) I don’t know if ‘didn’t you’ is the correct short answer here.

  • I have long since forgiven you for what you did to me twenty years ago.

  • The castle has long since been demolished.

Now, if the sentences are correct, does ‘long since’ always take the position after an auxiliary verb?


No, not always:

the crowd long since forgotten, he pushed away from the wall
A grizzled ex-Fixer from London long since supposedly retired, he handled security
The oil pours out nearly every week, and some swamps are long since lifeless.
Slightly bloated half-moon had set long since
She would have continued long since, had he never revealed himself to her.

Thank you Mister Micawber for giving me these examples, but were my sentences correct?

Why do you think any of them might be wrong?

Sometimes I’m not very self-confident in my skills and abilities, that’s why.

Hello Mister Micawber, why did you wish to know why I thought that any of my sentences were wrong? Oh, and would you please so kind as to take look at my last thread, please. I’d be very grateful. Thank you.