Grammar : I need an advanced grammar book


hi everyone ,
i really need an advanced grammar book
I get TOEFL PBT exam three times , and i get a low mark in section 2 … about 45 to 48

so i need an advanced grammar book , i have only 2 weeks for the another exam in 6/9

please help me and give the names of any advanced book


Judging from your English writing, Abohammed, you are not ready for an advanced grammar book. Anyway, grammar is only a relatively small part of the TOEIC test, and part 2 is the listening section. The best thing you can do with only two weeks to prepare is to take as many practice tests and practice section texts as possible. Questions and question types tend to reappear on tests. Also, pick up one of those ‘prepare for the TOEFL’ books. Barron’s ‘Pass Key to the TOEFL iBtT’ is a good one.