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i need your help for grammar check :
Dear Sirs
Kindly note that I a claim compensation for delayed flight, as the following detail :

  • My flight No.PS162 / FQTV from CPH to KBP / Dep. Time is 13:50, it was delayed to 3 hr. so that I was very tire.
  • According to that delay. My next flight from KBP to KIV (FL. PS897) delayed to the next day (24 hours).
  • Regarding the accommodation of the 2nd journey, the hotel was not good , the food was not enough , also no free drinks.
  • According to the above mention I was very exhausted, and as a result of that situation my meeting was cancelled .
  • I am entitled to care and compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004 for a delayed arrival time of more than three hours .
  • Looking forward to get your reply.

Hi, here are my suggestions: