grammar help: Email regarding LPG distribution problems

Dear Mr. v
Thank you for your mail , which you claimed from customers ‎disturbing , regarding the distribution program , we want to draw your attention to the ‎following :‎
‎1-‎ The majority of the customers refuse to be supplied with LPG ‎in regular manner , they prefer to ask LPG at the moment they ‎finish there storage.‎
‎2-‎ ‎ The distribution program is containing the major customer groups ( ‎hotels, hospitals, restaurants and factories) , those lists are ‎modified always when new customers are added.‎
‎3-‎ Many of our customers make many calls during the peak ‎periods to the sales staff to be favored customer and to get the ‎priority in the distribution rounds.‎
‎4-‎ During the last snow storm ,as force de major our bobtails ‎cannot enter the city , so that big delay occur in the distribution.‎
‎5-‎ Next Tuesday ,we will held a meeting to discuss the distribution ‎troubles .‎
Finally , we hope you to be patient more & more behind our ‎customers calls.‎

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I have had to guess at what you are trying to say regarding a few phrases and sentences.
I have ‘softened’ the final sentence, so that it is more diplomatic and not as harsh.
Please note commas and full stops come before spaces, not after them.
I would use bullet points for this, rather than a numbered list. As I am unable to use bullets on the forum, I have indicated where the bullet point should go with a dash.

Dear Mr. V___,
Thank you for your mail, in which you claimed that customers were dissatisfied regarding the distribution program.
We would like to draw your attention to the following points:

  • the majority of our customers do not want to be supplied with LPG on a regular basis. They prefer to ask for LPG at the point when they finish their stored supplies;
  • the distribution program includes the major customer groups (hotels, hospitals, restaurants and factories). These group lists are always modified when new customers are added;
  • many of our customers make large numbers of calls to the sales staff during peak periods, so that they can become a favored [color=green](AmE spelling. BrE spelling would be ‘favoured’) customer and get priority in the distribution rounds;
  • during the last snow storm, which was classified as a ‘force de major’, our bobtails ([color=green]Are you sure this is the correct term? Perhaps, ‘bobcats’?) could not enter the city, so a large delay occured in the distribution of goods;
  • next Tuesday, we will be holding a meeting to discuss the distribution problems.
    In conclusion, we hope that you will bear all these points in mind and would request you to be patient while we deal with these difficulties so that all customers can be satisfied.