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Please find my grammar err.Thanks.

Dear Mr.Piyawat

Here with,I would like to inform you formally in associated with my absences during the previous month and even years ago exactly since in June 2007 to 2012 that I couldn’t having my day off accordingly. These matters as a result of my study program in the University in Samarinda city for as long as five years, while I must present for study necessitate in our campus at least a week /month. Therefore sometimes I altered my day off in order to matching with my importance or necessity.
In this case as my first reason, that I would like to broaden of my mind to be better in the future and in order to these knowledge that I have gotten during in the University would be implemented in circumstance of our job and it would be profitable or valuable for us in supporting the productivity of our Firm /Company in general.
First of all, I would say Thank you very much for your cooperation understanding


[i]Hello Yordanus,

I’m afraid I’ve had to guess at the meaning of some of your sentences, particularly at the beginning, so please ask if you think I might have misunderstood the situation.
Dear Mr. Piyawat,

Herewith, I would like to inform you formally of the circumstances regarding my absences during the previous month and even years ago exactly since period from June 2007 to 2012 and explain why I adjusted my leave in this time.

This action was due to the fact that I have been undertaking a five-year program of study at the University in the city of Samarinda. It is a condition of my studies that I must attend the University in person for at least one week in every month. Therefore, sometimes I altered it was sometimes necessary to alter my day off in order to accommodate my physical attendance at the University.

I hope that you will understand that the adjustments to my working timetable were made with the best of intentions. I would like to broaden my mind and gain a better education for the future. I feel that the knowledge I have gotten gained during my time in the university can be implemented in work-related circumstances. Therefore it will enable me to support productivity within the firm and will ultimately be profitable for the company.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your attention and hope to gain your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Thank you Sir,Actually I’m not as a native speaker its really difficult for me to practice my English by this moment but i really never hopless to improve my English I have tried to study hard in order to be better.I love this forum.Regards,Yordanus