Grammar check Requested

Dear Coaches,
Please scrutinize the post below. Thank you very much.

My life has been ruined. I am forced to live or rather share a same roof with a girl of my parents’ choice. She is not my choice, I didn’t bring her to my house after falling in love with her. I neither love her nor hate her. I feel extremely sad and hopeless to know that my life has been ruined by this. I want to get rid of her. I want freedom from her. I am alone in this, there is no one to support me. She has become the favorite of my parents plus some senior members of my family.

Well, I have a girl friend who understands me and cares for me; she loves me the way I am and I too love her very much. To me, she is the world. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Now I must do something in order to solve this. If I don’t act now, I will be what I am now (i.e. Hell life). The Book says “… a time to be silent and a time to speak (Eccl 3:7).” I must take the bold steps. And what else, we are not legally married. There are no marriage certificate and other necessary documents. I must be optimistic. Nothing is never too late. I want to start a new life with a girl of my choice.

Hi, see the following.
the same roof.
…to me she is my world( to say she is the world couldn’t be, because she can’t be the world for anyother male but you alone, since youre trying to indicate the intensity of your love for her).
…the Bible says…a time…"( please be specific with the book from which you quoted from pay reference to the Bible).
Hi, if this is a true story then it’s a private issue, sometimes you got to be cagey.

Thanks a lot for your effort in trying to help me. I am sorry that I can’t take it. Let the language coach reply such posts. Please don’t feel humiliated. I don’t mean it to. Thanks once again for your concern.

Well, that is it, thanks for your kind decline. I know I ain’t an English doyen.

Thanks a lot. You are great.