Grammar: Are these sentences grammatically correct?

Hello everyone,

Are the following sentences correct?

  • I’d much rather be here with you than anywhere else in the world.
  • I love this place more than any other place in the world.
  • Didn’t we meet before?
  • I know you from somewhere, but I don’t know from where exactly.

What do the following sentences mean?

  • It was not a merely scientific interest, still less was it a political one.
  • She did what she had never done in his presence, much less in his arms. She cried.


‘Haven’t we met before?’ is far more common and fluent than ‘didn’t we meet before?’

It was not a very political interest (that the person/people had in whatever the subject is). It was slightly more of a scientific interest than the political interest - but there was another interest (unmentioned) greater than those.
As he held her, she cried, which she had never done in front of him before.

Thanks Beeesneees, I take it that since you didn’t give any comment to my other sentences that those were correct? Yet, I would like to ask something about the second sentence in ‘what do the following sentences mean?’. This strikes me as ‘she cried when he didn’t see it’, because of ‘much less’. Moreover does ‘much less’ mean ‘nor’?

She did what she had never done in his presence, - she did what she had never done when he’d been there before.
never…in his presence, much less in his arms. - not in his company and certainly not while being held by him.

She had undoubtedly cried before, (Do you know anyone who has never cried?). But she had never cried when he had been there before.
‘much less’ does not mean ‘not’. It means ‘even less so’.

Thanks Beeesneees, now it’s clear to me. Thanks.

Hi, Alexandro!
Sorry for asking, but isn’t it an extract from Tony Parsons’s novel?

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No dear Fussy Gear, absolutely not. I’ve never heard of Tony Parson’s novel. Simply coincidence. However, now that you mention Tony Parson, what’s the title of the novel. I would like to read it. So Fussy Gear me back, will you?


I’ve given it back via private message. :slight_smile: