Governments should pay more attention on healthcare issue than on environmental

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TOPIC: Governments should pay more attention on healthcare issueS than on environmental issues

Healthcare improvement and environmental protections are two issues that attract the concerns of many governments in the ever-changing world nowadays. In my opinion, these two issues are extremely important to the survival of human. Therefore, they should receive equal attention from governments and that governments should not emphasize on healthcare issues alone.

On one hand, it is undoubtedly true that improving healthcare is very crucial for the well-being of human. Nowadays, there are still many diseases for which effective cures or preventative methods have not yet been discovered such as cancer or AIDS. Moreover, we also have to face many infectious diseases caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria or viruses. The booming of any of these diseases can cause devastating effect on human society. Therefore, governments should pay great efforts to improve the healthcare system of their countries.

On the other hand, at the moment we also have to cope with many serious environmental issues. Since the industrial evolution, human have caused great damage to the environment. Pollution, deforestation, global warming and climate change are threatening the life of millions of people. Therefore, if we want to have a sustainable future, the governments should take actions to protect the environment immediately.

In addition, environmental problems can lead to serious healthcare issues. In areas where land or water sources are contaminated with industrial waste, many adults often suffer from many form cancers and children are born with birth defects. What’s more, global warming can cause temperature extreme which will negatively affect the health of human. Therefore, if governments want to improve the health of their citizens, they should also attribute their attention to environmental protection.

In summary, we are facing many serious environmental and healthcare problems that can threaten the lives of millions of people on earth. Moreover, these problems are intertwined. Environmental issues can lead to serious healthcare problems. Therefore, concerns and efforts need to be distributed evenly if we want to tackle both environmental and healthcare issues effectively.

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