Governments should not fund any scientific research whose consequences are unclea

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Governments should not fund any scientific research whose consequences are unclear.

“Science and technology”, these two terms are indivisible part of human life today. Human desire are insatiable, to sate its necessities, technology has always come with new invention. As an old adage says, “necessity is the mother of invention”. Research and technology are most essential factor to scale the development of any country. Country with latest technologies is considered as developed and powerful country today. Apparently, government authority must encourage scientific research for the betterment of the country. Yet some scientific inventions lead to only degradation of human values and morals, hence it is essential to identify all the consequences of any scientific research before it gets government funding.

Science has always blessed humans with eminent inventions like computer, internet, mobile and many achievements in modern medicines. It has helped humans shaping new civilization with modernized culture and the whole world seems shrinking day by day. But some technology has been misused and devastated the whole humanity, for example Nuclear technology or say invention of dynamite. In such circumstances, necessity of determined criteria has aroused for those research which is likely to endanger the security and ethical values of mankind. Government must set designed rules to rationalize pros and cons of any scientific research. Predicted outcome of the research and its impact on human and nature must be taken under profound consideration before the research gets permission to proceed further. Ignoring such precautions can result in disastrous result and may create some catastrophic situations for humankind.

Consider the disaster happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during World War. Nuclear technology is meant to be helping humans as a substitution of energy resources. In contradiction, its misuse has left some unforgettable remarks in the history of world. People in those cities are still affected due to vigorous rays that explode during nuclear explosion. Though, some authorities vindicate need of such technologies, such disastrous side effect of technology cannot be overlooked in any circumstances. Government must take responsibilities to avoid such incidents in future, which humiliates the humanity and hurts our ethical values.

Another controversial issue in realm of Science and Research is cloning. This technology can be useful to us in numerous ways, but its possible misuses have generated fear among government and people. And so in many countries, this technology has been banned. Cloning can be very useful in medical science; it can be used to replace heart tissues, or produce new parts of the body. Hence, if human cloning start then its result can negatively affect originality and natural values.

Recapitulating all the aspects, it is viable to weight disadvantageous nature against advantageous one of any scientific research. Security of people is the prominent goal for any government. Apparently, any scientific research will affect human behavior and his lifestyle. I accede with speaker’s claim that government should establish some criteria for funding, and stop funding research whose circumstances are not clear.

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