Got my TOEFL Scores (March 7, 2008)

Test Test Date Reading Listening Speaking Writing TOTAL
TELXML March 7, 2008 28 29 24 28 109

I’m really surprised. I only hoped to get 80+ for my master of computer science.
Didn’t speak or write anything in english for the last 6 years but watched 1000s of hours movies and series in english and read lot’s of academic books for my studies.

I recommend everybody to watch english movies several hours a day.
Good luck!

TOEFL listening lectures: Which designer did not work at the Bauhaus?

congradulation gilga27
i am a movie and books freak too. never thought that would come handy. i m planning to give the test somewhere in mid of April. un fortunatly i don’t feel confident enough to set an exact date.
i m concerned about writting. for rest i 'm not worried at all. i guess you really dont need to know all words in a passage as long as you get the points and would be able to analyse it.
i m eager to hear any suggestions from anyone.
thanks alot

Which college are you applying for ?

I’m studying at the Technical University of Munich (Germany).

In the last years the University decided that everybody needs some kind of English test…

The first part is about a reading passage and a lecture.
good listening and reading skills already produce some points

I learned some patterns and used a good organization of my essay

~3 points with supporting examples and arguments

Although some people like … I prefer …

Then I only had to fill the gaps with my ideas.

i m planning to apply for university of western ontario(canada).
i m plannin to study till 15 of april n then apply for the closest date available…
i have been stuying for toefl couple of months before n then changed my mind about going back to school. but now i wanna go back.

The nike advice - Just do it! You’d be surprised …

Hi guys, if somebody has a bad score in reading (only), what to do? Say, he had r=12; wr=25; spk=26;lstn=27.

Hi everybody!

I’m very confused with this Toefl test and i would like a little help from you.
So what i want to know, is what exactly is the Toefl test?
Is it a diploma(a piece of paper) you get and can use for the rest of your life whenever and wherever you want or is it just “that score” ,which is kept by the testing center ,can only be released by them and has a limited time of use(expiration date)?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi Alfredz26. The TOEFL is partially a mix of what you have mentioned. It’s just “that score” which is used as an evidence of your language skills (the iBT TOEFL measures all of the 4 skills; i.e., reading, writing, listening, and speaking). Also, it has an experiation date (2 years from the date you have taken the exam), and finally, you can either keep your copy of the score report which can be used as an unofficial score report for whoever you would like to show the evidence of your language skill but ETS reports an official score report to that “whoever” upon your request. Cheers.

Thank you so much “mo7aisen” for your reply.

By the way,do any of you know if there is any particular school that you can go to ,where you can take classes and a test similar to Toefl and at the end you can receive a diploma that’s valid for the erst of your life.
Thank you!