Got my TOEFL scores (March 29th, 2008)

Got my scores (the test taken on March 29th, 2008.):

Reading: 21


I’ve managed to get the score I need so I am very happy. However, I cannot agree with some level explanation facts. For instance, I’ve got “Intermediate (15-21)” in the reading section, which considers that an individual often has some difficulties with high-level vocabulary. I believe that you should be aware of the text no matter the difficulty if it covers your area of interest. On the other hand, you can find yourself difficult to understand some texts in your mother tongue if they cover some fields far from your proffesion. I believe it depends on the topic handled.

Considering the test itself, for me the reading part was very tricky (not enough time available considering the difficulty of the texts). It was the first part of the test and I wasn’t very happy afterwards.

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between a university student and an employee in the student services center

I took the test on 29March, 2008 also, and my result is

Reading: 28
Listening: 27
Speaking: 15
Writing: 27

Total = 97.

The total score is ok for me, but the speaking is so frustrated :x . However I didn’t have much time for study for this test, in addition, I haven’t spoken English for 4 years (I am Vietnamese and now studying in Romania).
I confirm that watching English film without subtitle is a very good way for you to improve listening skills.

Hello guys,

I have a question for cachia85. Why did you score so low in the speaking section?


How should I know SkiIuck :((.
Ok, I guess I haven’t included much of examples in my talk. And, another problem I guess is my voice wasn’t very clear, I “breathed” too much when I talked.

you guys got hight score in the writing …i have some difficulties in this part…i want your advice and if you have some formate for the independent part,any advice or help will be apprciated…thank you :roll:

Hi samo,

I myself was surprised with my writing score because I haven’t studied much for this part, actually I even haven’t written a single essay. However, I have read through 185 twe and I found that the structure of these essays are very clear and easy to follow. So, I guess you should use one of these structure (read them through and you will chose what kind you like best), and when you write you should use only the familar words to you so that you won’t make careless mistake which lessen your score.
That’s all I can tell you. Good luck in your test, samo.

Considering the writing part, the most important thing is to express your own opinion on a particular topic, but have in mind that you corroborate it with some facts. The best way should be from a personal life experience.
Unfortunately I don’t have some formates that could work or be used in general. As an advice I would suggest not to go into details too much because you can find yourself embroiled in vain.
When the form itself is concerned, I prefer you have at least 4 paragraphs for an independent task. The first one should cover an introduction on a topic (1-2 sentences), and the last one your conclusion/opinion about it in general (2-3 sentences). In the other paragraphs you should have in mind to say everyting important.
On an integrated task an introductory and conclusion paragraphes are somehow a must. An introductory can have 1 longer sentence, and the conclusion paragraph (let’s say) two sentences. For an introductory it’s important to mention if the listening passage refutes the reading one. After that you describe the main points of a topic and pinpoint the details where the two sections differ. As long as you manage to „catch“ the relevant facts from the listening passage, you should manage to provide a decent explanation. However, pay attention to grammar and things like comma, fullstop, names and similar. They are very important because this section covers the part where you write i.e. it shows your grammar.

Yes, I agree with you. The speaking part is the most difficult among all 4 sections. You have to keep your ideas organized and be able to express them well in so short a time.

hi guys
i m really impressed at your performance but can you help me out.
i need to info on how assess the writing topics