got my TOEFL score!

hey kids, just got my toefl score:

Reading 26
Listening 29
Speaking 28
Writing 22
Total 105

i hate writing but i tried…

TOEFL listening discussions: What did the young man do during his last holiday?

Congratulations marcheeba - that’s an impressive result and you should feel happy about it. The score for listening is great, but I think the speaking score is extremely impressive. It’s not easy to score so highly on that part of the test.

Perhaps you could help others here on the forum and pass on your strategies for success?!

Best wishes,


Hy Marceeba, Congratulations!

Your grade is extremely good.

Good Job!

hello marcheeba and congratulations!!!
i’m new here and i need the excat same score that you jajjajaja, i’m really nervious, so, could you give any advice???

Hm I don’t know…reading part is really boring, so in fact you wanna quit after the second passage, but don’t do this :))

listening is easy,

writing…well if you good in it at your own language, you’ll be good at toefl :)) according to toefl, I can’t write at all, I think they like complicated expressions and make sure you write at least 300 and 220 words on integrated task or what ever the requirements are…

speaking is the best part, not boring at all :)) but its if you enjoy speaking english :))

ok, hope this will help, good luck!