Good teachers set challenging tasks for the students. Please check it

[size=150]Good teachers set challenging tasks for the students.[/size]

It is undeniable that the role of teachers is very important on children lessons. Every teacher tends to improve the knowledge of their students. Some of them set easy task to encourage their student while others set difficult assignment. I believe that good teachers should set challenging taks for several reasons. I will explain my viewpoint with the following paragraphs.

First of all, I would like to emphasize that teachers always attempt to encourage their students to improve their skills. For these reasons they give difficult assignments that are hard to solve. For solving these problems students should use their creativity and they should find several ways get the solution. In this way their creativity is going to improve and after solving some of difficult tasks their brain begin to work clearly and they solve problems easier than they do before. Moreover, by the searching new solution ways students learn to look each problem from different angle and they see all disadvantages of any problem. Thus, they are also going to be successful in solving their daily problems.

Furthermore, I would like to highlight that challenging tasks are very important for concentrating of students. They are important because when they solve difficult homework they relax and feel happy. For example, when I was studying in high school I was interested in math. My teacher was a great teacher and he used to give us difficult tasks. I was spending much time to solve these problems. When I found the solution of these tasks I was very happy and felt relax. And I felt that by the helping of solving these problems I developed my other subjects which I did not like. Besides, I beileve that if teachers do not give challenging assignment most student will not interested in subject and they will be lazy.

To sum up, I strongly beileve that good teachers set difficult homework and all teachers should do it. It is important make students to interest the subject. Some teachers cannot teach their field interestingly. So by the giving challenging tasks and by solving these problems during the lesson they can make their lesson more interesting than they do regularly.

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