'good experience OF my country' vs. 'WITH my country'

Hi everybody,
What should I say:
I’m happy you had a good experience OF my country,
or WITH my country, (or IN?)
Thank You

Depending on the circumstances, I’d say “in”.

I would never say “of”.

Hi spencer,

You asked:

Experience of would suggest having knowledge of some activity or situation as in: She has had a lot of experience of working in the city.

Experience with again gives the idea of knowing about a certain activity as in: They have had considerable experience with collecting money for charity.

Neither of those would apply to your noun country. The only possibility from your suggestions seems to be . in.

It would be better to extend the sentence and say: I am happy you had a good experience when you were in my country.


Hi Spencer

I agree with using ‘in’ here. And also with Alan’s suggestion about extending the sentence.

My comment: What about saying something like this instead:
“I’m happy your experience in my country was good.”
“I’m happy you enjoyed your visit in my country.”