Going to

I have one interesting question. My monitor gives me this message: “Monitor going to sleep” and I am interested why it doesn’t say “Monitor IS going to sleep”? THX

Because he’s not quite right. Going to sleep is acceptable but monitor going to sleep is wrong, I think.

Yeah, I know going to sleep is OK, but it says monitor going to sleep, and I think that’s wrong!

Yes of course that’s wrong.

“the Monitor is going to sleep” is the correct form, but the computers are only as smart as their programers so they’re not always perfect. I wouldn’t dwell on it.

I think the monitor here related to some person not computer.

I assume that Hrvo2010 is talking about a computer monitor. “Monitor going to sleep” sounds like something that would come up on a computer.

Yeah, I am refering to a computer monitor, it says “Monitor going to sleep” and that is completely wrong, I think we all agree about that!

The monitor is going to sleep? Please explain it to me.

It is common to shorten sentences in certain print situations such as signs, computer messages, technical directions, etc.

Sleep mode irefers to a low power mode. See here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_mode

Hi everyone,
I think here the sentense doesn’t refer to " progressive ", but means departure.
( look up the word “going” from the dictionary).
I hope I’ve been helpful.

Departure? Of course this is not progressive. This is intention future with be going to. The progressive form must be sleeping.