going to college

hello everyone

It is finally time for me
to step into a new challenging world
which is going to college ,
this next semester will be my first year in college
thank god I passed my toefl test and I think am ready
to step into a new life style
away from my family , and depending on myself
for the first time ever of my life .

umm am a littel bit confused about this whole new thing
that will enter my life soon
I think am feeling a bit stressed about the idea
that am gonna live with a room mate
a totally stranger and from different backgrounds .

what I want from you guys
is some bit of advices on how to overcome these feelings and these thoughts
that have been chasing me lately.
ideas on how to start this new stage of my life
and how to adopt myself with new things that may come up .

wish me luck

take care …

where are you going?

be friendly and open, meet as many people as you can, have a good time, study something you like not something you think will make you money, use protection, be careful of the freshman 15, try your hardest to get along with your roomate

Owh, you are going to college. How exciting, well, congratulations!

Adjusting to a new environment is always scary and unnerving but it is also exciting. I believe this would be one of the most important period of your life.There will be a lot of adventures and distractions, frustrations too, but stay focus and SEIZE the moment. It’s like your skin, you are only going to get it once.

Now, when you make new friends, keep the old ones too. Don’t forget your prayers and don’t forget to call your family,at least once,hmm, every day. :wink:

Things you’ll learn at college:

  1. How to do laundry
  2. The meaning of words/phrases like keg-stand, shotgun, gravity bong, etc.
  3. How to cook (at least nominally)
  4. How to budget your money (assuming you’re not being underwritten 100% by another party)
  5. How to differentiate between important classes and skippable classes (hint: never miss your lab or discussion)

That’s really awesome!! heheh we’ll have a party for you!! heheh

that’s exactly what I want for me! that’s my goal!

i’m so excited when I think about my classes at an American university!

I hope will be soon!..that’s awesome!

mmm congratulacions! delta enjoy it!! Don’t be shy! hehe!! have fun!

and wink at the guys, :stuck_out_tongue: haha that was a joke okay? I’m joking you!

well, I wish you luck and enjoy it! and do your work well!

you should take care, be friendly but also careful okay!

I hope you’ll have good times at the college!

Good Luck!