GMAT in Canada?

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You are studying in Canada to become a lawyer. Maybe, you could share some experiences with us about how to apply for a graduate or undergraduate program in Canada. What about the GMAT - did you take it before you enrolled at university?


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Gladly :slight_smile: First off once i reached grade 11 there was an optional course called Co-op which stands for co-operative education. In short i go down to the actual workplace and work there for 1 semester. It’s like a real job i had to make a resume and business cards, instead of getting paid i get credits for school :slight_smile: Also i had to take Law for one of my courses. Next in grade 12 i took Understanding Canadian and international law which was pretty interesting. Some laws in other countries freak me out haha.

After grade 12 finished i applied to York university. It wasnt as hard as i thought it would be or i just wasnt stupid like i thought i was haha. My first course man was it ever new and interesting. I sat in the chair listening to the professor for about 2 hours in a class of about 1000 people. But sadly by the end of the first term almost half dropped out. But i kept at it, did my work and studied for tests, and well here i am today in my 5th year of law school at york. What do you know i actually made it this far, only 1 year left of actual schooling then the last year is internship where i actually get to shadow a real lawyer around and get paid! My mom is really proud of me and she says i will make a good lawyer.

Also im studying criminal law in specific, or its what im majoring in, and i am minoring in chemistry, never thought youd hear that haha. Im really excited to be able to graduate in one year i have made lots of friends whom i admire and they admire me. Actually one of my best friends from highschool is in my same class and we hope to graduate togeather and work at the same law firm.

Applying for university is sometimes hard and sometimes not. That being said it is because of the prerequisits required for each subject that you want to major in. I of course had to take law both in grade 11 and 12 and that was pretty much it, and of course all the english credits. But what really helped me in my acceptence was my co-op credits. I completed around 400hours after grade 12 ( i took co-op in grade 11 and 12) so i had the work experience and knowledge of what goes on in a law firm. If anyones interested in becoming a lawyer and co-op is available in your school i HIGHLY recommend you take it, it can get you references :wink: acceptence into a good university and possibly a job. I know that because one of the girls i know went to the courts downtown, the supreme court of justice in Toronto (where i live) and got a job there full time. She has earned 24dollars per hour since she was 18 and is now making around 35 at the age of 23. Not bad is it?

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That’s all very interesting. Do you still have contacts to the law firm you did your co-op program at? What is your favourite area of law - criminal, civil, business, copyright issues etc.? Also, is the GMAT itself one of the requirements if you want to enrol in a graduate program? It’s interesting you chose chemistry as your minor, maybe you will get employed by a major chemical company such as Dow Chemical?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Yo do you know something about phising and the legal consequences? I mean I heard that email fraud is a growing market and new laws have to be put in place. Are you also learning something about these cyber crimes and how to fight them?

i believe our professor said we will start that soon.