give my your opinion

[color=brown][size=150]hi everyone I want one correct my conversation
1-ali=hi mohammed
2-mohammed hi
3-ali=I want take opinion of jafar about subject of car
4-mohammed=save your breath (ali)
5-mohammed =I sound him out about car he is refused
6-ali=thanks …set my mind eas[/size]

Hi, Mohammed.
I would like Jafar’s opinion about the car.
Save your breath. I’ve already sounded him out and he refused.
Thanks, you’ve set my mind at ease.

thaks for beeesneees
but I would like knew does (sound out )and (save your breath )common use or not


Yes, both expressions are well used.


thanks for your help alan

These both are new to me. I’d like to know What do they mean?

Hi Puppet,

‘Save your breath’ is an expression that suggests: Don’t waste your time telling me something - the idea is that I know what you are going to say.

‘Sound someone out’ means to try to find out what someone thinks about something. It’s a sort of investigation.


Thank you.