Give it a moments thought.

We all go through life thinking that nothing will ever really affect us that much in our lives.
But do you ever stop to think about that one person who you take so very much for granted. That person who you know will always be there for you, no matter what.
We all have pals, girl-friends, work-mates who we like and have great fun with. We spend time and money and energy with them.

But, would they really be there when troubles strikes hard in your life? Who IS the person who would be there? Is it your wife, Mother, brother, friend, Grand-father?

Where is Kitos going with this I can feel you thinking? Well, I’m going here :-

I’d like you to go to this person, this oh so special person, and wrap your arms around them and tell them just how important they are to you.How you really couldn’t get through the day not knowing that they were there for you. That you love them so much that it hurts, and that you just wish you could find the words to tell them just how important they are in your life.Tell them that they are wonderful, and that your life is wonderful, just because they are there.

If you are a woman, then doing this is almost a natural thing for you to do, and it will be so easy to do it, but if you are a man, and you think of yourself as a man, then find the courage to do it. You will be forever thankful that you did, and this person, this oh so special person, will love you even more.


Bill, I think you meant “a moment’s notice”.

Hi Bill,

Very well put. It’s great to have someone by your side, one whom you could share with and trust. What provoked you to write this, Bill?

Best wishes.

Yes , Sir Bill …give someone a real sense of purpose,recognize people, inculde them ,encourage them ,train them ,ask their opinions, praise them.
Show people , in other words ,that you trust ,respect,and care about them.

Many thanks for you .

Your devoted.

Al Ain - AD

Ski, because my special person is no longer available to me, and I so regret never having said these things. These things that ought to have been said, and these things that will now never be spoken.


Share the glory , accept the blame,and take every opportunity to build confidence on the team.
I asked all my friends here to spread the word again and again that mistakes are a natural part of life, and to walk softly and leave the big stick at home.

Many thanks, Sir Bill.

You really shouldn’t say ‘I love you’ unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget.

Most of things that Kitosdad mentioned are true for me when I was abroad, away from home. But now I think one of the things that is important that we always forget is we should also have more patience with the people we love.

Most of the time, I find it really challenging for me to bring myself out and put myself in the other person’s situation.

But it is rewarding in the end, because I always learned something from it.

Can anybody tell me what the difference between men and women is? What make you think that for women is almost natural to talk about feelings and for men it goes through inner struggle? Do we feel headache and tooth pain differently? Don’t we laugh at the same jokes? Why personal qualities should be explained in terms of gender? Please, don’t be offended, but think it is an archaism.

Janna, good morning to you. Obviously I was guilty of generalising with this comment, but I stand by it. Men do find it more difficult to reveal their inner feelings, unless in private with a particular loved one, whereas women will more openly display and vocalise their feelings before others.

I’m sure that the majority of male members here would agree with me. A man reaches a certain age when a public display of his feelings seems inappropriate to himself. You can even see the early development of this trait in young boys, who shrug of the attentions of their mothers when within the sight of others, whilst the girls will welcome, even demand this attention in times of discomfort, regardless of others watching or listening.

Regards, Kitos.

Scientists decoding the human genome have discovered that just 78 genes separate men from women.

Please, Janna read this article and give me your opinion ?

Understanding The Difference Between Men And Women

By: Michael G. Conner, Psy.D, Clinical & Medical Psychologist

I have a great interest in this subject, and concern about…

“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.” – Neil Armstrong

Omg! Nobody is guilty, we only express our opinions. That’s what a forum’s for. You can say whatever you want and won’t be stoned. This article repeats the ideas that have been raised in “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray. It neither convinced me 15 years ago, nor impressed me now. However, the authors noticed, how they couldn’t, that the differences are not absolute, and they are rather tendencies.
A. I doubt that there are inherited psychological male and female traits.
B. I’m 45, I’ve lived in three different countries, and, so far, I’ve not observed strong visible patterns as they’re described in the article.
C. I tend to think that personal, so-called male and female, qualities are learned by children through the social activities. It drives me crazy to think to what extent we are a product of our society. I can’t deny that here and there the differences exist; my point is that they are generated by society.
D. Last but not least, let’s consider a forum. If a gender of a member is not mentioned in any way, would we be able to know that for sure?

" If a gender of a member is not mentioned in any way, would we be able to know that for sure?"

That is an question excellent Jana, but a far cry from the subject under discussion.

OK, men ARE more inclined to conceal their true feelings when being observed by others,or if you prefer, men ARE more introvert in this respect. That is my only claim.

If I may cite an example to support my claim. A vicar friend of mine once said, " I’m so fed up with men mumbling their vows during their wedding ceremonies, I never have to ask a women to speak up. I’m sure the men find it embarassing to let other people hear them " This speaks volumes to me.



In math, there is a term - “counterexample”; such an example that shows that a hypothesis is false. You’re, yourself, sounds like the counterexample. By the way, you’ve probably seen this old performance, but if not, you’ll enjoy it. Everybody will!!!

Janna, that was hilarious, and far closer to the truth than most of we men will admit.

Many thanks for posting it.