Girl vs. maiden

Hi teachers

But soon after Snow White becomes seven (which is the official age that a girl becomes a maiden)…

What age does a maiden fall into? age of seven?
What is the difference between girl and maiden?

Thanks in advance


Hello Jupiter

Maiden means “an unmarried girl”. The word “Maiden” is not frequently used in English other than in poetic sense, though its use as an adjective is common, i.e: Maiden speech, Maiden voyage, etc. If you read William Wordsworth’s poems you are very likely to bump into the word maiden. :smiley:

I hope this helps.


Hi jupiter,

Maiden or its shortened form maid literally means virgin. It is used as an adjective in expressions like maiden name (name of a woman before she gets married if she chooses to take her husband’s name on marriage), maiden aunt (unmarried aunt).