Getting back to your 'opposite number'?

Hi, at the blended learning workshop in Munich we were discussing some organizational questions trying to find an equivalent to the German word Ansprechspartner. I have a business English text book called ‘Sell Like Hell’ where there is this sample sentence:

When you have a problem or a query get back to your opposite number in the company.

Now, how often would you use the word opposite number?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten

In a business context I’d understand “your opposite number” to mean someone in a different company or organization who has the same position or function as you. In other words, the “opposite numbers” would be equals or equivalents. “Counterpart” would be the same thing.

If the two people involved have different functions or responsibilities, then “contact” or “contact person” would probably be better. And if the situation involves contact between a consumer and a company, then “contact person” would definitely be preferable.


Hi Torsten,

This expression is also used in politics. At the moment leaders of the G8 are meeting their opposite numbers - presidents and first ministers.