"Get over it" vs "Get it over with"


Could you please tell me if the following carry the same meaning?

Many thanks,

They don’t mean the same thing.

“Get over it,” means to reconcile oneself with “it” emotionally.
“Her mother died when she was 10, and she never got over it.”
“Some people adjust well after divorce, but some people never get over it.”

You can also use “get over it” with illnesses.
"He had the flu, but he got over it in a couple of days.

“Get it over with,” means to carry out “it” (usually some unpleasant task or obligation) so that it’s behind you and you don’t have to do it later or continue to worry about it.
“I’m afraid to tell the boss about my mistake.” “Just do it now. Once you get it over with, you’ll feel better.”
“I do my homework as soon as I come home on Friday. That way I get it over with and have the whole weekend for fun.”