gerund vs to infinitive

how do you really decide when to use “gerund” and when to use “to infinitive”. i mean, is there any formula that i can refer to or is this one of those you-have-to-remember-the-list thing?

thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

No formula. At the beginning of a clause, the gerund is much more common. Otherwise, it depends on whether the speaker is more interested in the durational aspect (gerund) or the potential aspect (infinitive) of the verb. Often, either will serve.

The choice between gerund and infinitive used as a direct object is sometimes dictated by the verb, leaving no
choice. Which verbs can be followed by gerunds, which by infinitives, (and which by either) must be

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@mister micawber&milanya: thanks a lot for the answer, so there’s no choice left for english learners other than memorizing the list…sigh

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