Gerund vs. subclause (who...)

Hello everybody! How do you feel?
Take a look at this two sentences:

1.- It sounds like the cry of a baby
THAT ASKS for milk!

2.- It sounds like the cry of a baby
ASKING for milk!

I think the first one is the correct way but
the second one sounds to me better. I
think it?s right as well but I hesitate
?cause I don?t know if I can use
a verb alone-- I am talking about “ASKING”
By the way, does “ASKING” work as a present participle or as a gerund? Maybe neither of them.
Perhaps you know how to put an end to
my “troubles”. Ha ha.

Thanks a million!


Hi Jesus1,

To me 2 is the more natural sounding. The form asking here is a participle and the whole is a shorter version of: a baby that is asking for milk.

(1) is a definition or description of a baby but the sentence indicates that it is the sound and not the baby that is being referred to.