German native living in London (with or without indefinite article)

Imagine a person wants to give a brief infromation about himself in a profile of a social network. He writes:

I’m Peter, male, 35, German native living in London.

I’m not sure if I should use indefinite artilce before “male” and “German native”.
My feeling is that it should be without any article. But if it were “My name is Peter. I’m 35 years old, I am a German native living in Lodon” then an indefinite article should be used.
Please prove me wrong or right.

How about: I’m Peter, a 35 year German native, living in London.

Most people probably know you are male from your name.

Well, there are names that can be both male and female. For example, I’ve always thought that Alex is a male name, but I’ve seen a movie recently where a young woman bore that name.
And if I want to omit the age, will it be:

I’m Peter, male, a German native, living in London?

Is the sentence correct?
Are you sure that a comma is needed after “native”?
P.S. According to the profile you’re from Japan. Are you an English native? Unfotunately there is no “mother tongue” item in the profile on this forum.

Hi Pechorin,

I’d suggest something like this:

  • I’m Peter, a 35-year-old German (male/man) living in London.

You can add ‘male’ or ‘man’ if you wish, but I’ve never once met a woman with the first name Peter. So, I think it’s pretty safe to omit that. I also think it is completely unnecessary to include ‘native’. However, you can include it if you wish.

You could also change the sentence above to this:

  • I’m Peter, 35, a German (male/man) living in London.

It is not correct to say ‘a 35 year German’. Was that a typo?

Yes, the comma is useful in that condensed form of an introduction.

A comma could be used even if it were shortened to this:
I’m Peter, living in London.

Your sentence omitting the age is okay, but could also be recast:
I’m Peter, a German male, living in London.

(I thinkt ‘native’ becomes unnecessary, because if you were from anywhere other than Germany, but now living in London, you would have mentioned the country you were from - your true nationality, rather than mentioned being German.)

Thank you for your replies. “Peter” was just an example :slight_smile: Actually I’m Russian, living in Sevastopol.