Georgian/Russian/South Ossetian Crisis

Hi Che,

I am glad to hear from you. When I heard the news yesterday, I wondered about your safety. I cannot imagine being in a country under attack. I hope this fighting (not sure whether it’s a war yet) will cease soon.

I pray for yours and your family’s safety. I’m sure everyone here is hoping for the same.

Take care and be brave,

All justice people are now with Georgia I only don’t know how much honor left in EU or USA politicians.
If free world would be united we would face Russians or any other aggressors without
fear for results anywhere.Don’t let KGB, Gestapo or Mosad keep killing. Never do trust snakes.
Freedom and peace for entire Georgia.

I think you’re wrong, Che. Your country is too obnoxious in the first place. In case you didn’t know what’s been going on, read this excerpt:
Tensions over Georgia’s rebel territory of South Ossetia exploded earlier on Friday when Georgia tried to assert control over the region with tanks and rockets, and Russia sent in forces to repel that assault.

So you see, if your country had been acting more sensible and had not tried to take control over South Ossetia, the conflict wouldn’t’ve happened !!!
Let South Ossetia be free of your regime, don’t try to pry into their business, then russians will not try to stop you!!! :evil:

russians are PEACEMAKERS in this particular case, not AGRESSORS, you’ve missed the point entirely! :evil:

When President Saakashvili was asked about this on CNN the other day, he denied it, but in a quick brush off. I don’t know, maybe it was just my imagination. So who is telling the truth?

But if it were true, from the death toll now I don’t think we can call it a mere retaliation over an assault. How many peacemakeers died? According to the news, the number of death in the fighting now is reaching 2000.

And one cannot help but imagine that this careless act of President Saakashvili could be just the excuse for the Russians because they were not happy about Georgia intending to join NATO.

This is the war Georgia-Russia (not Osetians)
We feel brave,will be fighting to the death!!!

Thanks,We will not let Russians occupy Our teritory…
Yesterday We exploded 40 tanks and 10 military plains and this land is full of dead Russians,they’re everywhere…
but We need support of EU,US and other Our friends!!!
they are too many!!!

This land is historicaly part of Georgia,and even Russia says-this is the part of Georgia,but anyway they’re trying to occupy!!!
Russians are not peacemakers,they are agressors!!!
They’re bombing Tbilisi and other cities,where is not conflict…they are killing civilians!!!
The whole world knows that!!!

Russian bastards -anyway We will be part of NATO and this land is gone be under Our control anyway!!!

Hi Che,(What’s your real name, anyway?)

Good to hear from you again.

How is everything around you? Are you exactly in the middle of a war zone? Can you hear the bombings all the time? I suppose you can stay connected as long as the infrastucture isn’t destroyed yet. What are you and your family doing to stay safe? Are you guys going to flee to a camp or something? I remember my grandmother told me they dug holes in the earth to hide from the Japanese army. Are you guys doing similar thing to stay alive?

I’m sorry if I have asked too many questions. I am just curious.

Anyway I hope this fighting will stop soon.


My name is Guro
Yes,I 'm now in the middle of war zona!!!
I will be connected and Our infrastructure will never be destroyed…
My family is in safe place!!!
I don’t hide and I can’t answer all questions,because Russian KGB follows us
I don’t want them to know more,than I want…

Russian assholes,leave my Country,or YOu all gone dye!!!

I will upload some vids and pictures later,how these agressors behave and If someone’s interested,I can’ upload pictures of dead and captured Russians…

KGB??? :shock: Are you living in the past, or from the past? Yeltsin disbanded KGB in 1995 !!! 13 years ago. Now it is FSB.

who cares KGB-FSB or what’s their name ?
They visit Our forums,they visit Georgians sites,to get information…
May be someone follows me,I cant write something to give them any precious information…

Russians by rebels hands have since months gunned border region deep into Georgia these has been intensified very much just when China Olympiad has started in such a scale than
Georgian Army has responded with attack forward into occupied by “almost Russians” zone , Russians 58 Army main forces have moved smoothly into Georgia hours after these and war broke out. Russians plains and tanks enforced rebels.
Russians supposed to be “peacemakers” above both sides but directly from their positions rebels were gunning for example civilians in Georgians villages. Georgian Army had to fight to protect them but this was a normal trap good KGB stinky job.Now Georgians could be blamed for something what Russians are doing since years.
Don’t say any thanks Guro I thank you, you nation is the first to fight Putin bandits, I know you would be alone as Poland was in 1939, I know Russians have done it not for these two provinces they want to take entire Georgia.
Fight them strong, let’s hope that the world would wake up and ashamed would start asking itself how cynical
could be a politician.

God bless you soldiers, you country and let’s hope for USA they are only one to stop

enough bullshit, Che Gevara.

Officially, Georgia is not at war with Russia. Georgia is “defending against Russian aggression”. In reality, yes it is war and state of war has been declared.

You feel brave, or Georgians and Georgian army feels brave? Certainly you feel brave surfing the web. Do you know how to handle a gun? According to my information mobilized Georgian reserve troops are not that patriotic right now.

I doubt. 1 soldier defending his home is stronger than 10 attackers. However, Russian army is much more than 10 times bigger. Only internationally driven ceasefire can prevent Russians from occupying Georgia.

Only 2 planes are confirmed. Do you think it is a good idea to have dead Russians on Georgian land? Have you seen them? What have you done to help wounded? Maybe you are also giggling about 60 Russian Intelligence S.W.A.T. fighters which Georgians claimed to have killed? If you don’t understand yet - it is war, our friends and peer humans are dying.

No military intervention.

ask them who they are. Double-sided wordplay will not help prevent the war.

Their targets are military airports, because Georgian planes are a serious threat for Russian tanks. Unfortunately bombing is bombing. War is war. Civilians die. This is awful.

This is exactly why Georgia is not part of NATO yet. Should it have been the case - U.S. and other NATO members would have to intervene. Now there are two choices: Georgia returns these territories with war or peace, and after things settle enters NATO or conflict territories go to Russia, there is no conflict in Georgia and Georgia enters NATO.

Are you in Tskhinvali? It has been completely destroyed, how come you have interned and browse the web?

hope so.

According to your posts you do not seem to possess any significant information. Don’t worry, KGB does not need you. It is not a game, don’t try to be cool and play super agent.

if you say so…

this is unacceptable. Again, do you have any firearm training?

I am really sorry that this is happening, but please do not create overly panic and contribute to already existing propaganda. I am not going to debate here or anywhere else online, hoping that intelligent people do have enough reasoning to arrive to conclusions, based on information from the sources they consider reliable. I would encourage you to exchange and discuss information from such sources, rather than staging dramas.

Hope peace and freedom will prevail on Georgian land.


This is Your first post,on this forum…
Have You registered to reply my posts,or You don’t want to show,who You are ? - The nick-You’re known on this forum ?
Where you from ?
1.Georgia is officialy at war,with Russia-My president said that,this is not bullshit!!!
2.Your information is bullshit,I and my brothers shooted Russians and I have a picture of the guy I first killed in my life…
and I’m going to shoot them,whenever they call me back,I’m now 20 km from Cxinvali,having some rest…
4.Last time I came here on this site ,it was 10,now it is 12 and it’s all confirmed,they’re burned on my land and We have 4 pilots captured !!!
5.We will be part of NAto sooner or later-We need to live in peacene and weaken Russia of course…
6.NinaZara asked me,how civilians hide,I can’t explane in details,cause these stupid agressors surf Georgian internet sites and forums,to get any information …
I’m not a super agent,I’m just a Georgian citizen,from Georgian military reserve…

P.S Anyway,I’m sure You’re an old member on this forum,You’re just shame to show Your real nickname,cause Supporting Russian agressors means Great shame and You support them!!!

I don’t even know,how to thank You!!!
Where are You from mate ?


If you would only once meet one Georgian or been in Georgia five minutes you would know that what ever happens Georgians would fight back and they would be completely united as Russians are rightly afraid. Now even former enemies would close their arms to protect homeland.This happens whenever innocent people are shoot and murdered in the name of cynical
global politic.
This would be probably main factor why Putin’s hordes have not attacked earlier.
We need to support Georgians now otherwise who would support you tomorrow when somebody would attack your home???
Russians are not Putin-like entirely they want to live also in peace.
I am from Europe and I live in Poland but I have as well Russians blood in my veins.
Peace for Georgia justice for everybody.
All people have to cry peace in Georgia, Russians live them alone!!!

Imagine , if I would have enough strength, I could claim that Mecklemburg is independent from Germany because in there are Polish emigrants who wanted to united with Poland.It is easy to do so when you are one hundred times bigger and Germany is left alone.

Justice for Georgia.Putin is acting same way as Hitler at the beginning , if you encourage him by lack of action you would have war everywhere.


Hi, Jan

Putin is not in office as president anymore, so there’s no world threat from him. Your immediate “enemy” is Medvedev, who is an incumbent president at the moment.
As I see you guys are very up on russian history :wink:

Putin with his KGB team is main Russian political acting force Mr M … something current President of Russia is puppet in his hands.I don’t expect anybody to be expert but same idiotic questions answers were when Poland was pushing Russians out of Poland and experts from worldwide were giving brilliant helpful notices.
Georgia is now under massive attack , country in Europe is attacked by neighbor with all
bad what war could only bring, people like me and you are dying now only because KGB
wishes or wants to have things settle down their way in one of Europe’s countries.
Georgia could be not strong enough to defend itself they need our help!!!


I have Russian blood in my veins too,but anyway -Till Russia exists,there will be no peace!!!

The Georgian/Russian conflict follows a certain pattern that you can see with many other conflicts too. Groups of people always have different interests and ideas and civilized nations usually negotiate and find peaceful solutions. Other nations use different approaches, they first shoot at each other killing some people so they get more attention. Once the fighting is over, they calm down a bit and start thinking how they can clean up the mess together. This might last for a while until the blood boils again and they go for another round of military action. This pattern is as old as mankind.

As far as I understand this particular conflict started because parts of the population in South Ossetia have wanted to be independent from Georgia. Apparently, the Georgians don’t want to let the Ossetians go and so they have been fighting with each other. Russia has been supporting the Ossetians for a number of reasons much to the distress of the Georgians. In this type of multi-ethnic conflict it is often difficult even for the parties involved to understand what exactly is happening. The situation can be very complex although the basic principles of communication are rather simple.

There are large parts of the former Soviet Union where the people have not yet been able to select political leaders who are willing and able to negotiate their voters’ interests in a civilized way.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: How can I help you?[YSaerTTEW443543]

The situation is really very complex,but historically this land is a part of Georgia and the majority of South Osetia were ethnic Georgians,but they were forsed by Russians, to left their houses,because they were Georgians and many of them killed…
Only Osetians left there and Russians gave them citizenship,to have the reason,do not let Georgia controll this land back…
so I think When We say,that population of South OSetia doesn’t want to be part of Georgia,We Should ask ethnic Georgians,who lived there too…