Generation Differences

When explaining what makes one generation different from the next, we must define what are the characteristics of our generation versus the characteristics of our parents’ generation. I grew up in the generation known as Generation-X. This differs from my parents’ generation, who were considered baby boomers. The generation I grew up in differed in many ways from the baby boomers not only in name alone but there are many political, environmental, social and economic differences that makes one generation unique from the other.

To begin with,the Baby boomers, who were considered anyone born after World War II grew up in an extremely polarized society, were monetary, political and social segregation were considered normal. Baby boomers had to endure many political and social changes during these times. There was war, political turmoil and social segregation. For all of the problems baby boomers had to face they were not set back by the mistakes made by their parents’ generation but learned from those mistakes and did the best they could with what they had. They were considered the hardest working generation and witnessed the birth, of the golden age of industry. Baby boomers ushered in a time of peace, love and economic prosperity that has lasted until now.
By contrast generation-X grew up with almost no war and for the first time in many generations, families grew and prospered. Generation-X’ers witnessed the birth of the technological age the invention on the internet, video games, music television, Starbucks and Google. There were more diseases cured, it was possible to feed more people and communication across the globe was possible. Generation-xers grew up in a more socially stable environment, segregation was ended in the 60s and technology drove economy to new heights. Generation-XSers grew up in prosperous economic times.
Each generation can learn from the other in many ways. The baby boomers can teach us that there is no other way than peace, and there is no better substitute for hard work and honest living. People of Generation X- will tell you that technology is the way of the future and without imagination there can be no progress.
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