General chat - Come on, come on, don't be shy

Hi there,
I have been browsing this website for a while now… there are some great tests and opinions here and also great people to rely on.
This topic is opened to share experiences to one and other. I really hope that you will visit this thread, post, reply etc, it will really help me to have an english chat with someone and not to be constrained by a subject (let’s say the essay subject, grammar, toefl etc).
So, my name is George, from Romania, 23 years old and looking to take the toefl test, and, if God will help me, over few years now to come, to attend a MBA.
I have visited Germany, France, Austria, Hungary and Turkey (which was my latest vacation that i took).
I loved Austria and Germany, two countries that worth to be visited.
So thank you guys for taking the time to read this and thank you for all your further help.

P.s.: To be crystal, i use this thread in order to have a daily chat, reply messages written in english. I’m sure this will help me, and others, to learn the language in an easier way.

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Hello Georgea! I see that this is you first topic here, so I don’t know if I could say ‘welcome’ :smiley: well you appeared with a strong energize, where did you bring it? Tell me one thing: are you still learning english? That’s because you speak very well and with a huge confidence. I don’t know anything about you country. In my english school I have a collegue who is called Romana. Wherever I herd her name I remember you country. How long did you stay in German? And which language did you used to communicate with local people?

Morning guys.

You really are on the wrong thread here.
You need to transfer to “What do you want to talk about?”

@Tomasito - I’m still learning, in fact i’m at the beginning of the road, i will take ~ 2 years of training in this language. Hope for the best with this one.
Germany was nice, i stayed 2 days in Nurnberg, nice city and friendly people. English was the communication language.
@Kitosdad - Morning to you too. I saw that i’ve posted in the wrong place. In the other topic, openned in the location you mentioned, i’ve asked a moderator to move this one there.

All the best.