Gendered speech

Hi Conchita :slight_smile:

Thank you, now I’ve learnt about American ‘Jamie’.
By the way, in Russian we also have names that can be given both boys and girls, but in full form they differ by ending.

I can’t insist because I heard it only from one quite good guy when he told about his French girlfriend. Of course, if “j’aime” means ‘I love’, it quite possible that I had mistaken :slight_smile: and very likely :slight_smile:

But I did the Google-search and found this: … der=female

(but, frankly, I don’t know whether it can be considered as an argument.)

See you :slight_smile:

The word ‘lad’ has a nice sound to it. Funnily enough, though, I never use it. The possessive ‘our’ with a name also sounds nice (and very Irish!) to my ears.

The name might exist in France, as do many other foreign names. Still, it isn’t a French name.

I’m afraid not, Tamara. ‘Jaimie’ might look and sound a bit like ‘j’aime’, but it definitely isn’t French.