function for and why the pres. cont. ?

Hey again,

So I’m still reading this article about eReaders and here’s what I’ve come across:

1/ One user liked the function for increasing font size

It looks a bit weird, I mean shouldn’t there be function of ?

2/ Another sentence that makes me wonder is:

An eReader is definitely more comfortable to read in bed or if you’re lying on a sofa…

How come the present continuous? I would say it using the present simple 'cause it’s like a description of a general situation… It’s more comfortable if you lay on a sofa

Thanks for your time.[/b]

1-- ‘For’ is correct. ‘Of’ would make ‘increasing’ a gerund, which is not what is meant.
2-- The sentence has worse problems than that, but continuous is often used as here for emphasis. But by the way, the present simple is ‘lie’, not ‘lay’.