How do you translate “Freitext-Aufgabe”? It’s an ‘e-learning term’. It means that a learner has to answer an open question by typing their answer into a message box similar to the one here on the forum. So, it’s not a multiple choice question but a question where the person inserts their own text and submits it.

What’s that in English?

TOEIC listening, photographs: A laboratory[YSaerTTEW443543]

Yes this is a difficult one in English. Let me think and come back to it.

Well google language tools translates it literally to Free-text task … xt-Aufgabe

Unfortunately it’s hard for me to guess what the context means in German since I don’t speak German myself. If you describe the task in more detail I’m sure I could tell you the correct english term for it.

Free text task sounds like ‘free writing’ where a person would write whatever they wish without worrying about length or formatting and without having a set topic. Even more extreme would be a style of writing called ‘stream of consciousness’ where a person writes whatever comes to mind without really thinking about it even if what they’re writing sounds completely bizarre.

Hope that helps.

Sorry I didn’t read that completely before replying. I would say that would either be called a text answer or paragraph answer question.

If it’s essentially a one sentence answer I would probably call it a “sentence answer” question.
And if the answer was expected to be a few sentences I would call it a “paragraph answer” question.

Whoops I forgot this one sorry.

In English I think it would be a matter of description … I can’t think of anything and the best I have found is …

Short Answer Question. Requires a short answer to a question.
Place your cursor in the provided text box and type in your answer. Click on the Save Answer button. The answer is saved.

TOEIC preparation Online.

Short answer question would be fine as well. Short answer can be both ‘sentence answer’ and ‘paragraph answer’ so that’s even better.