I’m a Junglie from a poor hot country.

To me 14C is too cold to live. But here it is so easy to survive. So we are all very lazy. Then we become poor. Yet that’s okay for us. We can still live on at least for the next millennium.

So I write this topic.

No prejudice at all. I fee bad so I wrote.

The nerve racking situation is going on in Ukraine.

I assume Europe Naturally is too cold to live without decent homes without proper heating systems.

Russia provides 25% of the gas consumption of the EU countries.

What if they have a Rogue Weather in the next winter?

Why they started such a lose lose scheme.

Who are really benefiting out of it?

To me surely not the common people?


What if the Russians don’t go home until the next winter? ( To me they surely wont. )

What if the civil wars or the war against Russia really break out today?. What about millions of those refugees? Who are going to save them from all those hazards?

One thing for sure is Ukraine will not be a peaceful country any more. Oh, my.

Russia provides approximately a quarter of the natural gas consumed in the European Union; approximately 80% of those exports travel through pipelines across Ukrainian soil prior to arriving in the EU.)

Ukraine’s status as one of the world’s least energy-efficient countries and largest gas importers wiki

Dear Kyaw!

You wrote:“No prejudice at all. I fee bad so I wrote.”

Oh! I’m sorry when I hear it.

You shouldn’t have suffer for the all humanity.

You had always tried to console me.

I’m pretty calm about this conflict. When it will be outspread

into the serious war among super-power countris, nobody will suffer of cold.

We just are going to stop to exist.

Be cool my dear.


Hi Alicja
I hope you and yours are all doing fine. :slight_smile:

Hi Jamie!

Thank you for your interest.

Yes, nothing really wrong has happened recently. The condition of my husband require a lot of engagement so I’m very busy of it.

As you had told to me, I just must do it, despite of the sciatica still teases me.

This whole political turmoil I little care about.

Just that one irresponsible lunatic presses the wrong button, and nothing will bother me forever. So it is better not to care, and

deal with the everyday mundane life.

I send you my regards.


Thank you very much for that Alicja it is warmly appreciated, what you just said is known as “putting things in context/perspective” an action which most people sadly don’t do enough of. :slight_smile:

Yah lah, not my job.

They are all much educated than me.

Have fun.

What if this EU comes do this kind of thing in my Jungle as well. Here so hot now you know. Not enough water here.

Yah lah, not my job. I still have two mangy thumbs to suck. Not bad not bad.

Again, they are all much educated than me the Junglie.

Thank you for you wise advice.

May your dear god bless you all!

Hey you still owe me one. The deer’s photo. I love to see. You know I love animals.
Hmm. still if they shoot here and there, a lot of deer would die up there. I worry.

Oh, lovely picture. I certainly won’t take a such one…

Deer usually occur in the morning or in the evening. They know when one can shoot. About this time is dusk and fog.
During the day they hide in the thicket. No hunter is able to squeeze there.
I know this, because I got stuck there, when I was looking for the sources.

When it’s summer, and I will be able to go to my charming corner, I’ll post on the forum further episodes of my story about my summer in the mountains.

It’s still a long way to summer. Yet everything can change in the meantime.

But I believe that these beautiful animals will survive me.

So do not worry and stay calm.

Luvja :))