Free Writing, A Great Technique to Practice English

Free writing is a very simple process that has a lot of creative potential and is the starting point for discovering lots of hidden information.

The guidelines for free writing are:

  • Write without stopping for a certain period of time, it could be between 10 to 20 minutes.

  • Refrain from making corrections as you write.

  • Keep writing, even if you must write, “I have no idea what to write”.

  • Write anything that comes to your mind.

  • Do not judge or censor what you write.

Yes, you got it right! Free writing turns out to be chaotic; actually, if it isn’t, you probably aren’t relaxed enough, but there is no going wrong with free writing.

What matters about free writing is the process, not the result. If you follow the guidelines above, you will be a successful free writer; one that will enjoy all its benefits:

  • It makes you more comfortable about writing.

  • It helps you get around your inner critic, the one telling you you can’t write.

  • It helps release inner anxiety.

  • It helps you discover topics to write about.

  • It helps you improve your formal writing.

  • It is fun.

When practicing free writing, use the tool that makes you feel more comfortable: pen, pencil, computer, or any other. Do not cross anything out, if you have a new idea, write it down, but leave your old idea there too, and forget about punctuation, it will help you write faster and more fluently.

You can use free writing to practice things learned in your [] ESL lessons [/url]. This technique will help you identify errors you commonly make, will help you notice sentence structure voids you may have, will help you understand what tone you use when writing, will help you detect words that you use too much, miss, or employ incorrectly, and basically, will help you understand how your brain is grasping the English language.

You can practice free writing anywhere; take advantage of this technique and use it to boost your learning experience outside the classroom.

I think that the process is very interesting and it can really help to write easily. I will try and … get in touch.

could you send the important point of email writing ? in email writing what are important ?
and how to start a request for any boos?


i am afghan in Afghanistan, could you tell about face to face learning in your university? i kindly request you if possible tell me the fees of your university for learning of English and duration, and how long will take to learn English?

i am wait your replay

hello, i am mezh and i am very impressed with it.
Thank you sir.

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how to write a better essay???///

Hi there people. Like most of you here, I am also trying to practice my writing skills.
I have taken a look at many topics here in this website, but I have not found one where we can send a composition/essay and have it corrected by our colleagues. I am new here and maybe a bit lost in it. LOL
Does anyone know a good topic?? Pls help me out. … tml#297235

I am from India I am a coordinator working for a hospital,I realy like your idea of free writing,i will strart it from today onwords,could you please give us any new idea regarding how to improve grasping power to English langauge.

Hi all ,

Well, glad to find this post , wow it’s great idea
Free writing is actually teaching you too many things ! , new vocabularies, expressions, grammer, and turn my brain on ! < the last one is for me hehe “.”
I mean tomorrow is my second week at the school and the last tow days I really got rest more than usual, and i think my brain is off, so free writing makes it think of something to write here haha, i think it’s working now !
Ummm, what should I write . .
Ok, I have been learning English for less than a year, and my weak points are the prepositions and pronunciation ! That’s all i think ,

In fact, i found it so hard to use the prepositions . . I don’t know why, i did read many lessons about them but i couldn’t get that yet !
And about the pronunciation , i did not speak to an English speaker yet ! , so i’m shy and afraid of talking English . . But I’m trying to !

Ok friends , i’m not quite sure about my English level, Could you tell me please about how much my English is good ?

And thank you for the topic , i really spent a few minuts over something deserve =)

And if you wanna be in touch , this is my gmail adress :

Will be right back as soon as possible ,
Thanks again and good luck

A notice : i did not check out my spelling , sorry for that . .

I dont know what I want to write. my great amibition is to learn english 100% pure. I want to improve my english letter writing. Please help me.

hello there.
how are u too evrybody?
i hope you are keeping well

me too i want learn english as faster as i can

i want chat with someonw

Hi Mmb7882

I’m fine thanks for asking, friend =)

I do too, so I work hardly on my self . . And I think my method is working ooopa :wink:
By the way, i’m Sara, I will be 16 after 2 months, my birthdate is 30-12 and i live in KSA =)

What about you, Mmb7882 ?

Umm, another thing before leaving, what does your nickname stand for ? :wink:

Will be right back

I’m back , well
I’m gonna talk in this comment about my first time that I spoke English with a good accent :wink:

ok, it was my first time when i was testing my level for the first time too,
after grammer,listening,and writing test . . the result was “The 4th level” , so the assistant wondered and asked me about how I have learnt English ! , and she kept complimenting so I really felt confident :wink:
then she took me to test my pronunciation and speaking skills .
she asked me some questions and I was answering very fast with very good accent too ! i’m suprised how I could do that ! . .

that becuase I was confident and I was used to talking with her ! . .
but now when I meet someone whom is an English speaker I freeze as if i have no tounge !

who know how I can pass that fear ? and feel comfortable & confident with English speakers around ?

heah yeah I want to see my teacher or maybe talk to any one talk to ghost until …any one if it bossible re me

hi my teacher i like you vereyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much !!!$!!!

Hey there Oxy, almost the same situations you told us about I went through them too. Everybody compliment and compliment, so I felt that I was super-perfect, hahah.

But when I meet a native speaker I feel that I cannot understand what does he mean and I feel so embarrassed.

But believe me - Alhamdu lellah - I went over that bad times and that’s all by concentrating on LISTENING ( not from ESL speakers! You should listen to a native speakers ) . And that’s easy, you can do so anywhere on Internet.