Free trip by Seafrance

How about this for a promotion? The cross channel ferry company Seafrance (England-France-England) with whom I have taken my car many times have just announced that if you book before June 9th for any trip taken before the end of 2006, you’ll get a complete refund if England win the world cup. What a wheeze!


And all this time I thought you weren’t interested in the World Cup at all, Alan. Can we assume you’ve already signed up? :wink:

When you say “What a wheeze”, are you referring to a fear of possibly succumbing to asthma during your freebie voyage? :lol:


Hi Amy! Hi Alan!

I?m sure this has to do a lot with your recent topic about issues! Why? The German DB (German railroad company) is doing something similar! In a public campaign they are offering a ticket that allows you to use their trains during the first rounds of the WM until the Quarter Finals. If the German team would achieve them, the DB promises that you can use the ticket as long as the Germans are involved in the WM.

What makes me wonder now, is why do the English channel ferry company and the German DB do that? Would they be as happy if their teams will achieve the Finals or do they rely on the uncapabilities of their teams?

Alan, that might be a good sign for you! Probably you don?t have to dread that the time you couldn?t visit the pubs lasts too long, or what? :wink: :lol:


The interesting thing is that more than 100.000 British football fans are expected to arrive in Germany during the next couple of days – only 30.000 of whom have football tickets to the Cup.
Now, those 100.000 British fans might be ideal candiates for the free ride offer by Seafrance. Imagine, if the English team gets the right support from their fans they are more likely to win the Cup.
On the other hand, it’s quite strange that a French company is offering a free ride to their customers in case the English win the soccer Cup. Where is their national pride ;-)?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Michael,

You probably mean the WC - The World Cup?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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