Free time? How wonderful!

One simple, usual question: What do you do in your free time?

I expect to see different interesting ways to spend your free time …I guess there are plenty of things which give you pleasure, so mention some :slight_smile:

(I think one thing we all have in common in the forum is our habit to spent hours and hours in front of the computer. :stuck_out_tongue: But I don’t want to become a computer- addict ! :oops:
As I am very busy at school (and so are my friends:) ) when I happen to have free time I prefer to sleep - it’s not the most exciting way to spend your time, is it… :o
It’s your turn now. :slight_smile:


Please don’t spend your free time sleeping!


Hello, Alan!

Yes, you are definitely right. Why have you forgotten to write what you do in your free time? :slight_smile:

PS I like cooking in my spare time - and then eating what I’ve cooked while watching TV - I’m a real couch potato as you can see :wink:

Hi Butterfly

I think Alan must like shopping in his free time. The fruits of his spare time actvities can be seen in his avatar: he’s sporting a brand new green shirt. :mrgreen:


Oops! I just noticed that new shirt now seems to have vanished. :shock:

Hello fellow-country(wo)man!
In my leisure time I usually study… or do some sports. [color=red]A month ago I would answer differently, but under the given circumstances I am unable to play PC games. :cry:

P.S. Is the sentence in red correct?

I don’t think many boys would choose the nick butterfly! (of course, I’m not sure it depends on the boy :slight_smile: )

Do you really study in your leisure time? Is it indeed leisure time then …? 8)

Ok, you got me. :stuck_out_tongue: I play football from time to time.

In my free time I like to read, listen to music and write. I mostly just lie on my bed and think…haha. I am a big Harry Potter freak (uuummm…yeah) and I spend hours reading fanfiction. I spend HOURS in front of my computer, on the Internet…poor thing, my computer. It can’t have a minute rest.

My great “addiction”(in good sense of the word) is playing chess :lol:

My great passion in life is sleeping as possible I can. Try this out! :smiley:

Too much sleeping is really tedious, don’t you think so?
When I sleep in my spare minutes (quite often indeed), I usually waste most of my free time, which is very dull in my opinion. hah :stuck_out_tongue:


really your question is very simple but is very hard too.

Ok…ok… let me take my turn

when I have free time I do many beautiful things.
but that depend on long time.

If be long I go to relax at the beach and I forget all my work, and I enjoy my free time.

but if be short :frowning:

like my day off, I read some magazines or I play video games or watch on tv or go outdoor with my friends or family to shopping and eat some food in any restaurant in my town.

[size=200]But[/size] I often sleep at my day off :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink:


:smiley: Yes, this is one of the most terrific way to waste your time. I wish I could do the same but unfortunately there is no beach near here. 8) But we have mountains :wink: and I really enjoy myself while trekking. :wink:


saturday I’m going to cities of coast but not for relax at the beach :frowning:
because I have work there, but I guess I’ll enjoy in sea when I see it and the rain fall down on it.

Ps I love spent my free time in talk to beautiful Butterfly :wink:


Hi Friends…

I am afraid you won’t believe me If I say that I don’t have a real free time . :roll:

I’m so busy and have a lot and a lot of work .

So, In my free time …I work :shock: