Forum telephone directory!


I would suggest we make a telephone directory for the members of the forum. (Of course, only those who are willing to give their numbers). In case, God forbid, someone disappears all of a sudden for a long time (like Conchita has), we will not have to speculate.

[color=red]We only hope that Conchita is OK and enjoying her time.

By the way, some days back I had a terrible close shave–, one inch more and… :shock: :shock:

Later, I was just thinking that my email and forum-pals would never know what happened. They would be left with their speculations only.

What do you think friends?


Hi Tom,

Thanks for sending me your cell phone number and you can find our phone number on this page:

As for creating a network, I think our forum is already turning into a real community and maybe in addition to a phone directory there are other ways of making sure nobody gets lost.


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