Forum posts or email letters?

Hello Torsten,

Slowly I go crazy I try to keep your wishes - but everything is in vain.
I wrote my problem to the Webmaster that I haven’t got Forum posts for some days( and on the second place I wrote your address also.)

From the style of the answer I found you had written this answer.I tried to correspond to your objections.
I don’t dare write via email to the Webmaster and ;as you asked me. I am writing here on the Forum. I DIDN’T RECEIVE FORUM POSTS TODAY EITHER.

Can I write whether via email or publicly on the Forum I receive neither a public answer on the Forum, nor an answer via email

Torsten, PLEASE, throw the answer in my face what is the reason of calling off my Forum posts. What would you like to do? I have to know the justice. Is there a reason or only pure chance ?

Kati Svaby

Hi Kati,

What do you mean by ‘forum posts or email letters’? Do you mean email notifications on new forum posts?

Many thanks,

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