Forms of the Infinitive

[b][i] Hello I have some exercises, can you help me? I will compare your answers with mine.

a)She’s late.She must ___________ (forget) our appointment.

b)He hopes ______________(select) to play in next week’s football match.

c)I offered _____________(pay) for the meal,but she refused.

d)I’d like ____________(meet) Princess Diana.

e)I sent my suit _____________ (dry-clean).

f)Sue and Richard are always arguing.They seem __________(have) a few problems.

g)I’m sorry ____________(disturb)you,but can you tell me the time?

h)You should ___________(work),not watching the television.

i)I’d like _____________(see) her face when you told her the news!

j)I’m glad I’m not famous.I’d hate _____________(recognize) all the time.

k)You should ____________(tell) me you were coming.

l)This homework is late.It was meant ___________ (hand) in last week.[/i][/b]

[b][i] Fiil the gaps with a preposition and an - ing form.

*about,like without,by,with,of,at,for

*having,making,buying,asking,remembering,being stung,arriving,going,doing,coming

a)I got into trouble ______ _______ at school late.

b)You can lose weight ______ ______ exercise

c)How _______ _________ out for a meal tonight?

d)How dare you take my money ________ ___________ me ?

e)I’m fed up ________ ________ no money.

f)This machine is used _______ ________ pasta.

g)I’m hopeless _________ __________ people’s names.

h)I’m thingking _________ _________ of a new car.A Renault,maybe

j)Yuk’ Monday morning! I don’t feel _________ ________ to work!

k)I’m always afraid ________ _________ by a wasp.[/i][/b]


I think that the idea is that you do the exercises and one of us will correct if necessary.


Ok for first exercise

a) forget/must have forgetten “maybe”

b) to be selected

c) paying

d) meet

e) to have

f) to distrub

h) be working

j) recognizing

k) told

l) handed

Hi Volcano1985

I’ve noted the ones you got right with “OK”. Would you like to try again on the others?

a)have forgotten [color=blue]OK

b) to be selected [color=blue]OK



e) [color=blue]The verb you were supposed to use here was ‘dry-clean’, not ‘have’. So what form of ‘dry-clean’ do you think you need?

f) to have [color=blue]This is possible, but ‘to be having’ would be more typical

g) to distrub [color=blue]OK

h) be working [color=blue]OK





c) to pay

d) to meet

j) recognized

k) have told (i have no idea for this )

l) to hand[/i][/b]

Great! You got some more right and I gave you the correct answers for the ones that were not correct.
Now, what about sentence (i)?

i) I’d like _____________(see) her face when you told her the news!

i) to see ?

Hi Volcano

You need ‘to have seen’ for that one because you are referring to the past.

“I would like to see” would be a reference to a possible future activity.

Yes sorry i didn’t see it

a) by arriving

b) by doing

c) about going

d) without asking

e) with having

f) for making

g) at remembering

h) about buying

i) for coming

j) like going

k) of being stung

My answers for the second exercise are right ?