What is the difference between the two sentences?

I am waiting you.

I am waiting for you.

Thank you in advance ;0

Can you please speak English? I really can’t understand you.

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‘I am waiting you’ is incorrect.
‘I am waiting for you’ is the correct form.

I thought he was seeking for my help :wink: [color=red]Anyways, Thank you Beeesneees for answering my questions.

When do we use Anyway[color=red]s and Anyway?

What about these sentense as below.

I am waiting to you.
I am waiting for you.

Please explain the meaning.

I am waiting to you is wrong. You can’t “wait to you”. But you can certainly say: The waitress is waiting on a group of customers. (which means the waitress is serving a group of customers).

I am waiting for you is correct. It means somebody is waiting for someone else.

You don’t use anyways in proper english at all. So try not to use it in all situations. :slight_smile:

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As Zeuslee says, the correct form is always ‘anyway’.
Sometimes ‘anyways’ is used colloquially, but this is slang similar to ‘gotta’, ‘gonna’, etc.

Thank you so much for further explanation Beeesneees.

Same here Zeuslee. This site is really useful for me and for all people who really want to improve their skills in all English Areas. :wink: