For those of you who are still sleeping.

Just in case you are wondering what is going on :- The new format for editing your work is this;
I will edit your essays to make them as good as possible, without altering the context of your work.

Your responsibility is to then review the edited version, and then to try to discover the changes.
You will hopefully gain some further insight in doing so. Please do not begin to compose your next essay before studying the differences between your own and the edited work.

As a final word:- Anyone posting two essays around the same times will find that both essays are being ignored. ( Like Eagle, who has just posted three essays in seven minutes.)


TOEFL listening discussions: What will the student try to do with his next essay?

I think it is a good idea to review in that way
I check the revised version more carefully to find out where the correction is with the reviewing result.
Thank you Kitos. :slight_smile:


Sorry to disturb you and I didn’t know the regulation before, this is my first time to upload my eassy. So how can compensate for my mistake.


I think you can delete your posts.

Eagle, delete two of your essays and perhaps revise them after reading the edited version of the first.

It appears that most of you have found my new format of editing your work to be helpful.
It certainly shows in the improvement of a lot of your essays, which I find very warming.
Make sure that you do review carefully, because by doing so you will realise where you are sometimes going wrong.
My new form of editing is almost as beneficial as your reading English newspapers, the difference being, that you yourself are the author!
Keep up the good work folks. You are all a credit to this Forum.


I took TOEFL last Sunday, You cann’t imagine how much you’ve done for me, Kito.
Thanks for your time, and for your meaningful work!
I will keep writing, keep growing!

I’m happy to have been of help to you Fanrongchao. Don’t forget to let us all know how you get on with your results.

sure :slight_smile: