For Phoebe.

She hadn’t meant to search his private belongings, but she was looking for an address of an old friend of them both in his assortment of boxes at the back of the wardrobe, when she came across them.
A thick bundle held together with an elastic band.

She didn’t recognise the hand writing, and she would have probably have put them down again if she hadn’t noticed the multi coloured " I love you" on the back of one of them.
Against her better judgement, and feeling just like a criminal, she sat on the bed and opened the first one.

What she read made her blood run cold, and the more she read the more despondent she became.
She read and read until she could read no more, and she lay on the bed and silently wept.

She realised that these were all old letters from a previous girl-friend, but why oh why had he kept them for so very long, after all, they had been married now for over three years and she had thought that they were both very happy.

She just couldn’t believe that he still had affection for this old girl-friend.

She decided that she would confront him with the letters when he came home from work.
She wasn’t sure as to how he would react, but she had to clear the air over this situation whatever the outcome.
She loved him deeply and the thought that he was still attached to this ex-girl- friend in this way hurt her deeply.

She went into the kitchen and prepared what might be their last meal together.
That evening after their meal, she cleared away whilst he sat in the sitting-room reading the evening paper.
She stood in the doorway of the sitting-room just looking at him and accepting just how much she loved him.
She couldn’t imagine her life without him.

She went into the bedroom and collected the letters and brought them before him. His face had a puzzled look. She showed them to him and he just shrugged his shoulders. She turned to the fireplace and threw the letters into the fire where they blazed fiercely. When she again turned to him he was smiling and holding out his open arms to her.

She fell happily into them and they never spoke one word about the letters.
That was the past.
The future lay before them and she was happy to settle for that.


What a good surprise!!!

Thank you Kitos, of course I liked it!

I felt sick and decided to rest for couple of days. That’s fantastic to open the forum and to see something calling " For Phoebe" :slight_smile:

So many stories left to read…


I’m pleased that you enjoyed it Phoebe. We have all missed you these past few days.

So nice to have you back.


I attended an interview yesterday. My interviewer was English (I think he was English as he said that USA and Australia are not English-speaking countries :slight_smile: ) . He’s Senior Financial Manager. They will call me in 2 days.
I liked the interview; I think the outcome will be positive. But the main point is that, I had a chance of conversation which prolonged probably 40 minutes. I felt comfortable as I could understand all the questions asked and could easily answer them. Then I realized how many new words I’ve learned during last months. I am indebted to you for your help, Kitos.You are doing a very good job.
Thank you again and again for everything, for stories, that sometimes make us sad, or make us to laugh a lot, make us to think and remind us lots of things we pass away without thinking what wonderful results we could achieve if we just pain attention…


I passed it, I passed!! :slight_smile:


I’ll be absent for 15 days in here.These days will be my beginning stage, thus I should be relaxed and hale!

Good lucks,

Hope to meet lots of new stories when I’m back.


[color=green]Congratulations for this great success, Phoebe.

As a worm I ´m able to keep my fingers crossed for you and a good start on your new job only mentally. And hope that I finally can nibble at a successful employee´s toes later.

Good luck and best wishes.


Congratulations Phoebe, that’s wonderful news. I had little doubt that you would pass, but I’m sure it is such a relief for you to have done so.

Please, hurry back. There are more stories for you to read, and even Tomasito is penning one just for your enjoyment.


Dear Kitos and Mr.Worn,

Thank you for congratulations and wishes.I’ll wear smart clothes, that is unusual for me. I used to wear jeans and t-shirts at my current job, but will get twice more money.


I have 15 days vacation.But I can’t imagine what will happen, when I informed by current boss about me leave after 15 days :frowning:

I can check the forum at home. But my brother is sleeping with PC :slight_smile:

See you soon,


How about a picture of you Phoebe?

We all are wondering just how you look.