Dear Teachers,

Do we use " flibbertigibbet " in everyday conversation. If so, could you make me an example sentence. Thank you.

kind regards,


Awww, flibbertigibbet is a cute-sounding word that has its roots in the Middle Ages. I don’t hear it often, but now and then it is being used to describe someone who really loves to babble or ramble. “He’s such a flibbertigibbet! He just talks on and on and on!” I’m not a teacher; I’m just telling you what I know of the word. I like to study the Middle Ages and Middle English words and expressions. This is how I happen to know.


It’s used quite frequently in my occupation.

Lol. I can imagine! :slight_smile:

Dear Cgk and Beees…

Thank you. There are some words in dictionaries which I’m not sure if they are really used in everyday conversation or academic writing.

kind regards.