Fitness - our key requirement

Dear Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and moving with great spirit. In my observation the percentage of people showing interest in making themselves fit is greatly increasing. In any TV programs I see , there is a fitness advertisment comes in a regular interval.

In my company I used to go to GYM regularly amidist my busy schedule. Another thing I noted in our gym is that, the percentage
of people coming for reducing their weight is relatively higher than the ones interested in gaining big muscles.

I just want to ask our forum members how you are all managing yourself stay fit. If you have any good health tips to share with me please let me know.


I get lots of complements from my colleagues for the tight muscles and broad chest I maintain since i was 15 yrs.

I started with regular workouts at home, every day in the morning.

my workout included simple push-ups about 25 - 50 per day,
dumbells and pull-ups. Also swimming is fun while exercise.
early morning jogging keeps u active all the day.

Hi Ragul,

It is nice to see you as an enthusatstic person of showing great willingness in keeping you fit. I am also finicky about doing excercises at home. As you have mentioned I usually do exercises like pushups and pullups. I have a strong faith in drinking water in the morning as soon as we wake up will have a tremendous therapeutic values.


Dear Samrat,
I see software engineers are more concerned about fitness
because of their nature of job which involves the least physical work. We should keep our body flexible by streching excersises , yoga and balanced diet. I have started to eat only fruits for dinner. By the way what is the difference between dinner and supper and what would be the best word here??


Hello again,

It’s very interesting to follow your conversation about keeping fit - good topic. As for the difference between dinner and supper, here is what I think:

In the evening you usually have dinner and when you decide to eat something lighter after dinner, that’s a supper.

Dinner is also used to refer formal meal in a meeting.

Now, it’s getting a bit tricky: Dinner can also mean [color=blue]lunch taken at midday when it is the main meal of the day. So, now that we have spoken about dinner, supper and lunch, let’s carry on with the fitness question :)[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Dear PaulJoe,

Yes. You are absolutely correct. Now a days it is becoming a main concern for the Software engineers how to make themselves fit. As you have suggested I also use to do some stretching exercies before setting out my regular work outs. We need to take care of our eyes also. I feel this IT field is a fresh one, owing to that in every software concerns the average age of the employees will be very less. When we progress on we will see the aftermath of this field in health perspective. This is one alarming factor.

Interesting question. I think , dinner is somthing related to a small party. If a person is hosting a party, then we can say all the participants are going to have a dinner. If we are going to make it by our own we can say it supper.

Am I correct?


Hello everyone,

I think that sport is an interesting theme for discussion. I like more fighting sports, such as: fighting, boxing, karate and so on. I do boxing and i think that boxing is very helpful. By boxing you aren’t just keeping yourself in a good form but you also will learn the tactic, you become strong and powerfull arms, legs, body, you will be more sharper (especially arms).
But when you wont to be more than a just boxer you must would have a lot of time, energy, hope and the most important one patience because it wouldn’t be very fast. You would need a lot of time to became a professional boxer.

About eating i can say just one, that when you wont to keep your body in a good form and be safety (from fat) you need SPORT.

Thank you for reading !!! :slight_smile: