First Travel to this forum.

Hi everyone, I’m Vanessa. I am a chinese. This is my first time to come here. I believe a new journey is just beginning.

Well come Vanessa!
Life itself is a journey & brings a new challenge every day.But just focus on your journey, not the destination.
Have a great journey here:)

hello. how are you friend, is my facebook id is my yahoo messenger id

i wish to be your friend,
thank you,
keep in touch>>>

Hello dear!
can I know something about yourself?

Hello, I’m very glad to meet you here.

Hi, what do you want to know about me?

Actually I like China but unfotunately didn’t find any oppurtunity to go there.So may I get this opputunity to know something about your country?

Vanessa I want to know about the students life there & that you think is the most attractive place for us if we came there.

Yeah, China is a large country. We have different nations, different cultures and different sceneries. Welcome to China if you have the chance to come here. So, how about you? Where are you from?

hi… I’m alireza from tehran. I’m 28 years old. and this is the first time that I meet here… nice to meet u…

General speaking, I think the student life here is the same as most other countries. We went to Kindergarten, primary school(6 years), middle school(3 years), high school (3 years) and college(usually 4 years to get a bachelor degree).

Did you hear of the Great Wall? I think It is a place which is worthy your visiting. It locates in Beijing, our capital city. There are also many other famous places there, such as the Forbidden City, the Bird’s Nest Stadium(2008 Olympic games was held there). I don’t know what kind of places you’d like. You can tell me what kind of places you’re interested in. Natural scenery or artifical scenery?

How about you? I guess you’re a college student. Am I right? You study in your own contry or abroad? Can you speak Chinese? I always heard that Chinese is difficult to learn.

Nice to see you again!

hi vanessa… are u student? what’s ur major(course) in univercity? is it ok if I ask u about yourself? if It’s ok please introduce yourself?

Thanks vanessa for giving me your precious time & now I want to come china as early as possible.Yes I 'm a university student & after my study I have a plan to come there.

^^, hi, I’m not a student now. I’ve just graduated from University last year. My major is tourism management. How about you?

I graduated 5years ago… my major was statistics… and I work as an statistics man in electeric office in tehran. are u married? tell me about yourself…