first person to land / last person to leave / only one to help / first to know

  1. Neil Armstrong was the first person [color=red]to land on the moon.
    2. The last person [color=red]to leave should turn off the lights.
    3. Mike was the only one [color=red]to help me.
    4. His was the last composition [color=red]to be marked.
    5. When I make my final decision, you will be the first [color=red]to know.

    : Iranian school books

I wonder what kind of grammar is used in the bold written parts. What grammar category are these sentences from?
I want to read about such grammar more on the Internet but I don’t know what kind of grammar are the above sentences.
I don’t know what to type in Google search box to read more about such grammar or such sentences.

Any guidance? What grammar category are the above sentences from?

Thank you.

This construction is a device to use the infinitive in place of a relative clause, often after a superlative -

He is the oldest person to finish the race = He was the oldest person who finished the race.